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Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people.  If the unexpected occurs in your life, you need a local lawyer who is accessible and understands.

Joey Stevens is your experienced local lawyer who can assist you and your family maneuver through the complex legal process.  Call the Law Office of Joey Stevens, L.L.C. and get started today!

 Personal Injury

If you, or someone you love, has suffered an injury to the body, mind or emotions, this is personal injury and you may be entitled to compensation.

Domestic Relations | Family Law

An experienced local lawyer can help you navigate through the process with divorce, child custody, child support or adoption.

Wrongful Death

The legal term for injuries that lead to death is "wrongful death".  In all personal injury types, you will need a lawyer that knows this business well.

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, choosing the right criminal defense attorney is imperative to navigate you through the complex criminal justice system.

Let your experienced local lawyer help

Most ordinary people don't have attorneys "on retainer".  We go about our everyday lives, barely noticing the advertisements or giving a second thought to lawyers or legal specializations.  But occasionally, a situation comes up and you need an attorney.  If you or a family member finds yourself in need of a divorce, criminal defense or personal injury attorney, call the Law Office of Joey Stevens, LLC.  Local Problem, Local Lawyer.  Joey Stevens is your local counsel with experience you can trust.


Joey Stevens is the best.  He will fight for you.  He is da bomb. ~Lisa A.

Joey is a great person.  He will help you all he can.  He looks out for what's best. ~Brezzie C.

Joey does a good job!  Couldn't ask for a better lawyer! ~Bubba A.

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Don't hesitate to contact The Law Office of Joey Stevens.  Joey has helped many people in the same situations as you're probably in and can walk you through the legal process.  More than a client, you're not just a number.  The issues that you face, matter to Joey.  Schedule a free consultation today!

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The Law Office of Joey Stevens is a central Alabama law firm with over 21 years of experience that focuses on divorce, child custody, child support, criminal defense and personal injury cases in St. Clair, Talladega, Calhoun & Jefferson counties.